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General note when entering data please use the TAB key to update the information you enter. If you use the mouse and change the data in a field without pressing TAB key it is not updated. To display a list of your Microgeneration calculations please choose "MCS Calculations" from the menu. This displays a list of your current MCS Calculations. On the project list page You have the option to create a new project, delete a project or copy.

New Project

To create a new project select the +New button to open the project details page. For projects you need to enter postcode as this is used for the region which in turn is used for the solar irradiance and wind speed for solar calculations and its use for the external temperature and degree days for heat pump and biomass.


  • Project type - depending on the Microgeneration calculation required
  • Property  - type of house
  • Type - end terrace etc
  • Postcode - postcode search is used to determine the region which in turn is used for wind speeds, solar radiation or temperature data.
  • Number of Bedrooms - used for the automatic generation of rooms for heat pump and biomass

Please see the example screenshots on the right-hand side of the various project types.

Heat Pump and Biomass

For heat pump and biomass projects it is important to enter the number of occupants as this is used to calculate the hot water usage.

Copy Project

Copy project is useful for heat pump and biomass projects where you want to choose an alternative system without re-entering the room heat losses. When you copy projects all of the room heat loss information is copied but the system is not copied.

Create Default Rooms

This option is applicable to heat pump and biomass projects. Depending on the number of bedrooms when you choose this option all of the rooms are created plus the relevant walls, floors and roof. For larger houses an additional bathroom or toilet is included. You then simply need to edit the room data and include the windows where necessary.