MIS 3001 Solar Thermal

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The new online calculator has been updated to comply with SAP 2012 and the CIBSE Domestic Heating Design guide for output calculations for solar heating systems.  Please see the screenshots on the right hand side for details of how the software calculates the solar panel output, water usage and wind loads for a dwelling.


To create a new solar thermal project select the project type and also the customer from a quality management system. From the postcode the region will be allocated and this is used for the solar irradiation and wind zone.


For the hot water calculation please enter the details of the property including a number of occupants and the water usage.


"Apply" saves changes without leaving the page. To enter details of solar panel choose "new" in the Solar System List.


Into the details of the solar thermal system including the area of the panels, the pitch and orientation. This is a SAP 2012 calculation and you need a solar collector loss values from the manufacturer specification.