MIS 3004 Biomass

MIS 3004 Biomass requires a system performance calculation as defined in the MIS 3004 specification. The calculation can be compliant with either SAP for new build dwellings or EN12831. The completepicture software can produce both calculations however the Sap 2009 calculations are more complex and we have created a specific module for biomass using EN12831. MIS 3004 requires the following output from the software.

  • The design heat loss of the building
  • The nominal rating of the proposed appliance (Rn) in kilowatts.
  • The annual heat load of the building (Qa) in kilowatt hours (space heating and hot water if applicable)
  • The proportion of the annual heat load to be supplied by the Biofuel heating system
  • The specification of the intended fuel (see note) along with its gross calorific value (HM) in kWh/kg at the appropriate moisture content and its bulk density (ρB) in kg/m3.
  • The estimated mass of fuel required in a year (Ma) in kg and the volume (Va) in m3
  • The estimated hourly rate of fuel consumption (Mh) in kg at the appliance’s rated power output.

Temperature Requirements

BS EN 12831 requires different design temperatures for different rooms. In practice the temperatures required depends on the preferences of individual households and therefore the client's preferences should be taken into account.To simplify the survey rooms of a similar type which have the same internal temperature can be zoned and you do not need to measure the internal walls as no heat transfer takes place between rooms with the same internal temperature. From the CSIBE design guide the specification the room temperatures are as follows.

  • Living room, Dining room, Bedsitting room = 21
  • Bedroom, Hall and landing, Kitchen, Toilet = 18
  • Bathroom = 22

For example if you have two adjacent bedrooms you can measure these as one room you do not need to include the party wall. If the bedroom has an adjoining bathroom you should include the wall between the bedroom and a bathroom as there is a very small temperature difference between them. Similarly if you have a party floor/ceiling between the bedroom and living room you should include this.