Biomass Hot Water

bm hotwater
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The Biomass hot water calculation is based on the number of occupants as defined in the project details page. Select the shower type and also make sure the waste water heat recovery = 1.


Where the biomass system is supplying hot water enter the details of the system together with the figures for the space and water heating demand taken from the energy performance certificate. If the hot water cylinder is outside of the dwelling the program automatically calculates the cylinder and distribution losses. The minimum size of the biomass system is displayed together with an estimate of the minimum power required to heat up the water cylinder. This is taken from the CIBSE Design guide.

Enter EPC Values

For renewable-heat incentive calculations enter the annual heat demand and water demand from the energy performance certificate.

Print Report

After you have finalised both the system and hot water pages you can print the system performance report. Use the print report button at the top of the hot water page to produce a PDF report of system performance. This will appear in the documents listed at the bottom of the page. Use the "view" link to view the PDF file in your browser.