Biomass System

bm system

For most MCS Biomass installations you will be entering data is certified by the manufacturer from the technical datasheets. Enter the manufacturers make and model together with the efficiency and power output.


In some cases the biomass boiler might be present in the BRE database in which case you can search the BRE database that boiler. used a small magnifying glass icon to the right of the manufacturer make a model to display the BRE Biomass list in a pop-up window. Please note you must have pop-ups enabled in your browser.

Biomass Fuel

In addition select the fuel type applicable to the Biomass system and the fuel price and density will be automatically updated. The fuel prices are taken from the BRE database however you can override this with your own fuel price.

Existing Heating

if the installation is working in conjunction with an existing heating system you can select this and choose from the default sap definitions of heating systems. you need to set the percentage of heat supplied by the existing and new system.


In addition to entering the system information also need to complete the sections for sizing and hot water and if this is for an RHI installation the feed in tariff. use the buttons at the top of the system page to navigate to the correct section.