Rooms and Ventilation

bm rooms

The Biomass calculation is specifically to calculate the heat loss of the building and not to calculate the temperatures of individual rooms. This is because biomass systems would be replacing an existing boiler using the existing heat emitters.

Because we are not considering the temperatures of the individual rooms we can estimate the heat loss by dividing the property into two zones with slightly different temperatures. This reflects the lower temperatures of the bedrooms versus the living room. This considerably simplifies the calculation.

Room Zones

In our example we have chosen to enter the entire first floor of the dwelling a single entry using a temperature of 19 degrees C. In a larger property with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the first floor you would enter this into zones one for the bedrooms and one for the bathrooms using the default temperatures provided by the program.

in the room details screen select the room type from the list and enter the dimensions including the height to get the volume of the room(s). The default temperature and air change information updated by the program automatically.

Room Dimensions

On the room details page you are entering the dimensions and air changes to calculate the heat loss through ventilation. It is not until you enter the construction elements of the room that the heat loss through the fabric is calculated. Once you have updated the dimensions press the "APPLY" button to save your changes and then click the link to edit the construction elements.

Room Elements

To calculate the heat loss from the fabric you need to enter the individual elements which make up the room. these are the walls, floors and ceilings including any internal elements. At the bottom of the room page you have the table to enter a new construction element. It is only after entering all of the construction elements that the room heat loss is calculated.