MIS 3005 Heat Pump

MIS 3005 requires a new sizing calculation, revised system performance calculation together with a rating of the heat emitters to comply with the BS EN12831 and the CIBSE Domestic Heating Design guide for sizing calculations for Air Source Heat Pump.

SAP ASHP MIS 3005 Module

To create a new calculation select the MIS 3005 project type from the drop down list on the project summary page this will display the rooms, construction and heat pump pages which need to be completed for the calculation.

  • Heat losses are calculated room by room so that the heat output required in each room can be estimated and the radiator sized accordingly to meet the criteria in the heat emitter guide.
  • The surface areas of the rooms are taken from your survey forms and the uvalues are available depending upon the age of the building and selection criteria.
  • Ventilation heat loss is calculated from the room volume, ventilation rate and temperature difference. The software automatically updates the air changes dependent upon the room type.

Temperature Requirements

BS EN 12831 requires different design temperatures for different rooms. In practice the temperatures required depends on the preferences of individual households and therefore the client's preferences should be taken into account.

To simplify the survey rooms of a similar type which have the same internal temperature can be zoned and you do not need to measure the internal walls as no heat transfer takes place between rooms with the same internal temperature.From the MIS 3005 specification the room temperatures are as follows.

Living room, Dining room, Bedsitting room 21

Bedroom, Hall and landing, Kitchen, Toilet 18

Bathroom 22