Heat Pump System

hp system

Enter the details of the heat pump system on the pump details page. You need the manufacturers make and model together with the efficiency, we use a percentage figure ie 270%. Some manufacturers use a coefficient of performance and where you are given a COP figure of 2.7 this is equivalent to 270%. This is the ratio of the electrical power input versus the heating output at flow temperature.

In addition to the heat pumps his details you need the power consumption of the central heating pump and to select the electricity tariffs used by the customer. The electricity price is derived from the BRE database.

At the bottom of his details page you will see a list of rooms together with the star rating. All rooms need a star rating in order to proceed. At the top of the page you have the options for the heat pump hot water, RHI feed in tariff and MCS compliance. The next step is to complete the section for heat pump hot water.