Heat Pump Hot Water

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The hot water requirement is calculated based on the size of a dwelling and the number of occupants. The default is hot water usage per person is 45 litres per day, the software allows you to amend this figure if the dwelling house water-saving technology in place. The heat transfer efficiency of the hot water cylinder is 70% or 85% for an integrated cylinder. If you have manufacturers data for the heat transfer efficiency choose the custom option to enter the value for the hot water storage cylinder.

  • Select the Option if Heat inc DHW
  • Select Showers type.
  • Waste Water Heat Recovery should be the default figure of "1"
  • If applicable select the option for the hot water cylinder outside of heated space

Lastly in order to calculate the renewable-heat incentive please enter the figures from the energy performance certificate for the annual heat demand and hot water usage. press "apply" to save changes.

Print Report

From the hot water page you can use the print report button to generate the system performance report including room by room heat losses. When you print report a PDF I was generated in the documents list, use of view link to open the PDF in a new browser window.