Windows and Doors

bm windows

The areas of window door and roof glazing are given their measured Uvalue. The areas are deducted automatically by the software from the associated construction element ie wall or roof.  To enter a new opening please use the +New on the Elements page, if you have multiple windows of the same type you can duplicate them using the copy button. There are four options available for calculating the Uvalue of a window.

  • Manufacturers certified values. In a new build or if the windows have recently been upgraded in an existing property the uvalues may well have been certified by the BFRC and you can choose this option to enter the certified value into the software.
  • Default values from table NA6 of EN 12831. This is the most common option for MIS 3005
  • SAP specification table 6E. Use this option for new build where you do not have certified values.

If you have multiple windows of the same type associated with the same wall you can enter these as a single entry. Repeat this process for all openings in the dwelling. Note as you enter the dimensions the power loss for the window is updated. When you save the window the loss for the wall or roof is updated.