Photovoltaic System

pv details
 pv fit

Enter the PV system details including the pitch, orientation from south and over shading. The number of shading segments should be calculated from your site survey. This will calculate the annual output of the panel. In addition you need to include the details will be electricity meter and the customer MPAN number, this is used in the report. To print the report choose to print report button and this will create a PDF document in the documents list. Click the view button in the list to see the PDF.

Feed in Tariff

Choose the feed in tariff, SSEG or wind load buttons for the remaining parts of the calculation. On the FIT page select the relevant feed in tariff and a EPC band together with the system cost and estimated inflation rates. This will give you the payback table together the payback graph which includes the breakeven point and return on investment. Press "apply" to save adn update the images.