In addition to the standard reports available within the software eg. the room report for the MIS 3005 calculation, you can setup report documents using the template library. The template library includes a wide range of quotations, risk assessments, site survey forms and quality management policies. Any of the documents in the library are easily included into a live project.

The report page lists the documents generated for the project. To create a new report use the +New button to add a new documents from the template library. To edit a report double-click the selected item in the list.
A report can consist of two elements, a document and or a report. A document is a letter and this format can be used for risk assessments, quotations and survey forms. A report is a predefined technical reports which contains the system performance dependent upon the type of project.


Editing a Report

On the report page press the new button to create a new document or report. The print button creates a PDF file and the select button displays a print to PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. Please remember to press the save button to save any newly created reports. The reports are saved in the documents folder on your local hard disk.
When you print a report the PDF file is created locally and so to the docs folder the report is automatically given the name of the project and report title. You can view and print the report using the select button.

Reports say to the docs folder on your local hard disk. To navigate to the documents folder go to the start menu - complete picture and choose the sap PDF document shortcut.

To view a printed report from the list highlight the report and choose the select button this will open the report in Adobe Acrobat.

When you create report you can include a document and/or a report a document is used for letters risk assessments and quotations and a report generates a document which contains the system performance calculation for the project. Please use the check boxes to include the document or report into a single PDF file. If you select to choose both the files will be combined.

To create a document or letter choose the edit document page and then the display template this button this will open the file navigation on your local hard drive you can then choose the document to insert. In this example we have selected a risk assessment to insert into the document.

The display template this button opens the two choose a template from your local hard drive the available documents are organised into folders.

After you have selected a document this will be automatically inserted. See image on the right hand side where we have inserted the scaffold towers document to create a risk assessment for this project. The name and address of the end user automatically inserted and you can edit the document before saving.

To generate a new report go to the edit reports page and choose the display template button to insert a report from your local disk. Currently there are reports available for heat pump and biomass.


Press Save after selecting the Report

In this example we are inserting the heat pump system performance calculation report.
After you have created report using one of the examples for the hard drive but you can see an example of the report on the image on the right hand side. In order to insert the report it must be printed to PDF file from the document details page.

In the example we have printed a copy of the heat pump calculation and this has been saved to the local hard disk. The name of the report is example demo.pdf

If you navigate to the documents folder and look up the name of the project you will see the example demo PDF file saved on your hard disk.

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