QMS Getting Started

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General note when entering data please use the TAB key to update the information you enter. If you use the mouse and change the data in a field without pressing TAB key it is not updated. To display a list of your Microgeneration calculations please choose "MCS Calculations" from the menu. This displays a list of your current MCS Calculations. On the project list page You have the option to create a new project, delete a project or copy.

How does a quality management system work?

In simple terms a quality management system does two things. Firstly it defines the requirements to achieve the quality standard for example "records shall be maintained for all orders/contracts and tenders". So in this case we keep copies of all customer communication. Secondly it describes the actions to be taken to meet the requirements i.e. when we send a customer a quotation document a copy is made and stored on file.

A quality management system does not have to be complicated and the documents generated can be plain and simple. If the documents are for internal use only why bother to include logos and complex formatting. External documents always need to look good but from the QMS perspective plain simple documents are better. A good quality management system is who, what, how and when you're going to do something plus the proof that you did it.

The quality management manual maps the requirements of MCS 001 to our menu sections and documents.

The QMS comprises a number of sections which are used to manage your MCS installations. These are split between the Company Records, Jobs, Customers and Calculations.

Company Records

The company records section manages your MCS compliance process for company requirements. This includes employees, training, equipment, meetings and a reviews section where you manage any issues that occur for the company such as product on conformance or complaints by customer. Any of the actions for review can be automatically linked to a meeting and included in the minutes.

Quality Manual

The company records section also includes a complete quality management manual which can be created from a master copy that is always up-to-date with the latest MCS standards. Quality management manual includes a code of conduct, terms and conditions and health and safety plan in a single PDF document. You have the option of editing the default copy and creating a custom manual to suit your business