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The company records section manages your MCS compliance process for company requirements. This includes employees, training, equipment, meetings and a reviews section where you manage any issues that occur for the company such as product on conformance or complaints by customer. Any of the actions for review can be automatically linked to a meeting and included in the minutes.

The company records section also includes a complete quality management manual which can be created from a master copy that is always up-to-date with the latest MCS standards. Quality management manual includes a code of conduct, terms and conditions and health and safety plan in a single PDF document. You have the option of editing the default copy and creating a custom manual to suit your business

From the company menu you you can select your business name and to enter the company records section of quality management system. On the company records detail page you can enter the information regarding your accreditation scheme memberships, membership date and number. Together with the technologies you are accredited for. This information is utilised in the reports generated by the software.

At the bottom of the details page is records list. This should is a list of the report was generated by the software for the various sections. The PDF files in the records list constitute the quality management system for the company and should be kept up-to-date.