Employee and Sub Contractor

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The employees section is used to manage the accreditations and training records of your employees and subcontractors and also to assign roles of the employees within your organisation. To meet your MCS requirements you need to create a record for each employee or subcontractor. Any changes made your employee records and you should use the print employee list to generate a new employee report. All subcontractors need a signed copy of a subcontractor contract.

Employee Details

For each employee into the employee details as follows.

  1. Employee personal records including home address and telephone number etc.
  2. Assign a user group to the employee. The complete administrator, accounts, sales, service.
  3. Insert the user accreditation details than the accreditation scheme, membership number, date and the accredited MCS technologies.
  4. The user MCS role this defines their responsibilities or MCS compliance. At least one user has to be the MCS nominee.
  5. Appoint a user as the health and safety officer

Employee List

After updating the employee details and training records it is important to generate the employee report. This creates a record for each employee within the organisation their roles and responsibilities together with the dates of any accreditations this will be used by the MCS auditor