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All equipmentt should be calibrated and labelled to indicate its calibration status. A record shall be kept of all such equipment, which is used by the Company. The record shall include the serial number or number allocated by the Company, scale and frequency of checking/calibration along with suitable objective evidence to demonstrate that the equipment is capable of the accuracy which is required for the specified measurements.

While this clause says that a record of all equipment is required it is not expected that this should extend to hand tools and the like. However any equipment that requires testing or calibration in order to maintain its safety of accuracy will need to be held in an inventory so that expiry and renewal dates can be checked. Equipment manuals (often available in electronic format) should give details of the range, accuracy or tolerance that can be expected.


For each piece of equipment which needs to be calibrated you can create a calibration record together with the date and results. This is then included in the equipment list this should be updated every time a recalibration is undertaken. Print in the report will be used by the auditor to ascertain that all equipment is calibrated and up-to-date.