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If you are a sole trader, having a quarterly 'meeting with yourself' may seem a little strange, however the point is to make sure that the Quality Management System that has been set up is reviewed on a regular basis and steps are taken to makes changes where the system does not perform as required. For a small business/sole trader, time should be set aside to go through the list of procedures with and provide a comment on each of them as to how well that procedure works.

If there is scope for improving a procedure, it may be prudent to consider the amount of effort that is likely to be required (major, minor etc.) and the timescale within which adjustments should be made (non-urgent, urgent, Critical etc.) This may help to prioritise any subsequent actions that need to be taken.

Meetings Review Actions

Meetings are part of the quality control procedure where you can review the outcome of your business processes such as installing a system, purchasing etc. Meetings are linked to reviews and at each meeting you will be creating an agenda based upon the review actions you have linked to the meeting. In this example shown in the image of my hand side we have a customer complaint which has been entered for review and link to the quarterly meeting. For further information see help for review actions.

Print Agenda

When you print the meeting agenda you create a list of all the review actions that are linked to this meeting.