Customer and Contacts

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The customer sections is used to manage business users and consumer end users. The list can be sorted by clicking on any of the column headers to sort the customers by name, town, postcode, status and contact date. The status of the category used to define whether a customer is an enquiry, prospect or customer. The next contact date column is used to set the date you have agreed the customer to contact them.

On the customer list there is a button to "show the prospect by date" this will filter the list to display only prospects and ordered by the contact date.

To view the customer details click on the underlined link for the customer reference or customer name which will open the customer details page within your browser.

Customer Details

The customer details page is used to enter the basic information regarding the customer. Here you can define a customer type as business or individual. When you enter the surname for the customer a customer contact record is automatically created. Please note you can have multiple contacts ie people for a customer single address. Use the custom status and contact date fields to set the status and customer for example enquiry and you have agreed to contact them.

Customer Contact

Use the link created in the customer contacts table to edit the details for the individual.


Use the history page to create a record of the communication with the customer. You can create action to define communication for example of callback or sales visit. Use the participants filled to select the employee who responsible for the communication. On click of the magnifying glass a list of employees can be allocated to the action.

Customer Quotes

The customer quotes page is used to create a new quotation for the customer. Please see the quote section of the help for further details