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Quotations are created from the customer details page. On the quotations tab you will find a list of quotation for this customer. If the list is blank you can use the "new" button to create a new quotation. For existing quotation click on the link to edit. To print a quotation to select the quote you wish to print and use the "print" button. This will output the selective quotation as a PDF file which you can view in the documents section.

Quotation Details

The quotations details page and I wish you to edit the basic details such as the validity period and the date. The customer name and address will already be allocated however you need to select the applicable system calculation to link this to the quotation. To do this click on the magnifying glass to display a list of calculations for this customer. Each quotation can be allocated the status to show that the quotation is an open or has been accepted by the client. The total cost of the quotation together the VAT are automatically calculated when you add the individual quotation items.

Quotation Items

To create an itemised quote for the customer add new items to the quotation using the "new item" button. This will display the quotation items details page. Individual items can be created manually or you can look up information from a database. Use the magnifying glass to display a list of products (product section of help). When you select an existing product the description, sales price, cost price and VAT automatically calculated. When you save  the item the total value of the quotation is updated.

Quote Letter

Each quotation consists of a number individual pages which can be edited individually. The pages are as follows.


  • Page 1 Covering letter
  • Page 2 About Us
  • Page 3 Quotation details
  • Page 4 Order Form including payment terms
  • Page 5 terms and conditions taken inserted from quality management manual
  • Page 6 Warranty terms and disclaimer inserted from quality management manual


When you create a new quotation the default text for the above pages is imported from the company settings menu. Use the "quote letter" button to edit the text which has automatically been inserted. This enables you to create a bespoke quotation for each customer. On the quote letter page you can edit the text which has been inserted or if you wish you can revert to the original using the copy default button.