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The site survey section is designed to enable the user to complete a telephone survey with the customer prior to attending site. The surveyor can then print a draft copy of the survey to take to site. The hard copy can be used to capture the details of the individual rooms and construction elements for the heat loss calculation. Using a predefined form created from a telephone survey speeds up the surveying process and reduces errors.

Choose the "new" button to create a new survey, "print" to create a draft PDF copy of the survey. Please use the "view" link on the right hand side to display the PDF printing.

Select the survey type, property type and age. Then enter the quantities of rooms for the property. Where applicable enter the number of occupants. The postcode is automatically updated from the customer information. This will update the external temperature.

Press the "create survey rooms" button to automatically generate the rooms list.

Survey Form

Printing the draft survey form creates a PDF file which can be printed as hardcopy to take to site. The draft form includes all of the rooms, floors, roofs, walls and windows as defined from the telephone survey. This is a useful tool for the surveyor to ensure all data is captured and the form data can be quickly converted to use in heat loss calculation.

Survey Completion

The completed survey form can be uploaded to the customer documents section and the survey revised by the QMS to amend any of the basic details.

Create calculation from survey

After updating the survey following a site visit the survey details can be utilised when creating a new calculation. By selecting the survey on the calculations details page and choosing the option to create rooms. The rooms used for the site survey will be incorporated automatically into the calculation. The user can then update each room with the relevant dimensions and uvalues to calculate the heat loss.