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The quality management system job section covers the compliance requirements for each MCS installation. Within the job section you to schedule a job for installation, this can include multiple MCS technologies within a single job. Produce the pre-installation checklist for each technology. In most cases there is additional information required to commission system compared with the MCS compliance certificate. The job section produces an installation report required for commissioning the system and also the MCS compliance certificate.

Create Job

Use the "new" button that jobs tab to create a new job. Each job is automatically allocated a new reference number in the format JOBxxxx. You can use the "apply" button to save changes at any point. The job details page allocation the customer, this will display a pop up window list of your customers. Where applicable select the installer for the job.

Allocate Installer

Use the jobs details page to schedule a date and time for the job and allocate the installers to the job. The installation team details are included on the checklist. On the jobs details page you will see the MCS technologies that are ready allocated to the job. For example if you are fitting heat pump and a solar thermal panel will see two calculations allocated to this job.