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Create Green Deal Job

Jobs can be created as Green Deal only, MCS only or both. For Green Deal jobs you allocate the installer for the job from employees on the system. Then add each Green Deal measure as required by the energy performance assessment from the Green Deal provider.

Allocate Installer

Job details page allocation the installation to be allocated to this job. Please see employees section of help to add new employee with competence and training details to the employee list.

Measures List

On the Green Deal Measure menu you can create the method statement and risk assessment for each measure to be installed. All 26 measures from PAS 2030 are available.

Measure Detail

Green Deal measures page you select the measure type to be installed for example building fabric. Then select the method statement using the small magnifying glass icon this will display the list of measures which apply to the building fabric. When you select the measure the measure type and method statement are updated. The same procedure is followed for the risk assessment, to risk assessments can be created for the same Green Deal measure.

Print Measure

Printing the measure will generate PDF file in the documents list and this can be viewed in the browser using view link.